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Presenting The Winners of The 2020 Logix ICF Awards!

Are You Ready For The Best Of The Best In ICF Construction?

Every year, Logix ICF asks installers, dealers, and homeowners to share their most impressive ICF projects. Each year, Logix Brands has the privilege of judging from these of top-of-the-line ICF projects received from across North America.

These winning projects are innovative and most offer unique technical solutions . Their design, construction, sustainability, and resilience all contribute to these projects being award-worthy structures. 

For behind the scenes information and progress photos of these award-winning projects, we invite you to watch the 2020 Logix Awards webcast. Project Profiles are also available through the Project Gallery and include a convenient and detailed look at these incredible builds.

Lumino C

TYPE OF BUILD: Mid-Rise Multi-Family
SIZE: 100,000 Sq.ft

CONGRATULATIONS: Kanas Corporation, Robert Sipka And Jason Whitfield

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: This purpose-built apartment building is designed with 100,000 square feet of apartment living space over 16 floors. The concrete floors carry through to the concrete cores of the walls and the balcony slabs are fully embedded into the concrete cores as well.

CONSTRUCTION FACTS: The Owner/GC used their proprietary high-slump self-consolidating concrete mix for ICFs throughout this project. This was a winter build and the concrete was placed by a concrete pump for the lower 8 floors and with crane and bucket for the higher 8 floors.

RESILIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY & COMFORT NOTES: This building is aiming for gold Built Green status and energy sensors are being used to monitor its energy efficiency. Exterior noise reduction is also critical given the downtown location of this building.

“Affordable housing is a high priority for our local governments and the greatly reduced operating costs of this ICF building make affordable housing much more achievable.” – Dan Reefke, Territory Manager

Parkhill II

TYPE OF BUILD: Mid-Rise Multi-Family
LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta
SIZE: 10,000 Sq.ft

CONGRATULATIONS: Kanas Corporation, Robert Sipka And Jason Whitfield, Dean Reefke

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: This ICF building houses ten rental units within its three floors, each floor 10’ high, built upon a 14’ high parkade, all constructed with Logix ICF. With the 8” concrete core, Logix ICF was designed into the lower parkade level, transitioning to 6.25” cores for the floors above.

CONSTRUCTION FACTS: The Owner/GC used this project to test their propriety high-slump self-consolidating concrete mix for ICFs, which they will use to build taller buildings with higher levels of reinforcing steel content. Logix ICF successfully withstood the form pressures of this severely high-slump mix. The concrete was placed with crane and bucket to support this winter build.

RESILIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY & COMFORT NOTES: This is a purpose-built rental building that includes utilities in the monthly rent. The lower energy and operating costs realized due to the Logix ICF construction allow the owner to profitably offer monthly rents that are about 10% less than the current market rate.

“This was a ground-breaking project in a challenging ICF market. Beaver Plastics Ltd. went to the mat to support this innovative builder as they pushed the envelope of ICF construction with this unique build.” – Dan Reefke, Territory Manager

The Intercoastal Waterfront Home

TYPE OF BUILD: Residential
LOCATION: Tampa Bay Area, Florida
SIZE: 21,000 Sq.ft

CONGRATULATIONS: John Martins And Suncoast Green Products, Mike Russell

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: This project required a substantial re-design of the rear portion of the building in reconstruction due to an easement that was not discovered in the original title search.

CONSTRUCTION FACTS: This project utilized a helix auger system of pilings (94 in total) to carry the weight of the walls, marble, concrete floors, and limestone panels. The walls were finished with aluminum backed Portuguese limestone panels mounted with angle iron to the ICF walls.

RESILIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY & COMFORT NOTES: The home was built with R28 Logix Platinum Series for enhanced energy efficiency. The roof is insulated to R30 with spray-in insulation, and energy-efficient doors and windows were incorporated throughout. The home is located in a flood zone and so the bottom floor is designed with 4” Logix ICF as blow away walls in the event of extreme flood surges. The main floor walls are engineered to withstand 200 mph winds.

“This contractor had never built an ICF home before. He studied and followed the Logix ICF installation manual and built this massive complex building by self-performing the Logix ICF installation.” – John Martins, Supporting Logix ICF Dealer 

The Empire Home

TYPE OF BUILD: Residential
LOCATION: Headingley, Manitoba
SIZE: 5,520 Sq.ft

CONGRATULATIONS: Pine Creek Homes,  AMC Foam Technologies

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: This stunning home features 9,520 sq ft of finished living space on the main and lower levels. The open ceilings, 23’ high gable end walls, and integrated timber framing all combine to create a dramatic and comfortable living space design.

CONSTRUCTION FACTS: This home was successfully constructed through a harsh Winnipeg winter. The timber-frame elements were attached to the Logix walls after they were poured, requiring the walls to be constructed to exact tolerances. The 23’ tall walls were poured in a continuous pour.

RESILIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY & COMFORT NOTES: This home was built to exemplify comfort, soundproofing, and protection from the elements and severe climactic events.

With great fondness and respect, this home is dedicated to the memory of Tom Smerchanski – the original owner of AMC Foam Technologies Inc. and a founder of Logix Brands Ltd.

The Efficient Hybrid Home

TYPE OF BUILD: Residential
LOCATION: Fort Ripley, Minnesota
SIZE: 3,780 Sq.ft

CONGRATULATIONS: Tom Gilson and WW Thomson, Rick Umpierre

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: This home was designed for retirement living and aging in place, and built to fit the owner’s specific needs for energy efficiency, quietness, protection from harsh elements and no exterior or interior steps. The home design features a large comfortable living area adjoined to large workshop and garage areas.

CONSTRUCTION FACTS: This building was self-built by the owner, family, and friends. The Logix walls for the entire structure were entirely constructed in 6 days.

RESILIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY & COMFORT NOTES: All three zones of the entire building are hydronically heated. Each zone is permanently set at 68 degrees F, and all three zones are comfortable despite the 14 ‘ high walls. The monthly heating bills are about $225 in the dead of winter.

“As the owner, I am extremely satisfied on all levels. This home has been highlighted in two construction magazines and a newspaper.”  – Tom Gilson, Owner 

The XP-1 Aggregate Building

TYPE OF BUILD: Commercial
LOCATION: Nanton, Alberta
SIZE: 1,360 Sq.ft

CONGRATULATIONS: Peter Anderson and Raffin Transit Mix, Dan Reefke

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: This aggregate storage building required exterior insulation and, to withstand the daily wear and tear caused by the aggregate loader, a durable finish inside. This building is an ideal application for the Logix XP-1 system.

CONSTRUCTION FACTS: The Logix XP-1 wall construction took only six days in cold winter conditions.

RESILIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY & COMFORT NOTES: The sound deadening qualities of the concrete walls were also needed to reduce the daily noise from the loader, as this facility is located close to a residential neighborhood.

Wrapping up

Logix Brands would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers and builders who support our brand and continue to build better more sustainable projects each year! Our president, Andy Lennox, would also like to add, “It’s a pleasure every year to recognize the achievements of the clients and customers we value so much for their support of Logix Brands and our products.” 

The 2019 Logix ICF Awards also included some interesting projects like The Peerless Trout Senior’s Home, and The Afton Passive House.  Visit the 2019 Logix ICF Awards post for all the details on last year’s winning projects.

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