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The 2019 Logix ICF Awards Are Here!

The 2019 Logix ICF Awards are here!

We are once again celebrating the most ground-breaking and innovative projects in the ICF industry across three different categories — small residential, large residential and commercial.

These are the best of the best out of thousands of projects across North America!

With this, Logix Brands would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers and builders who support our brand. 

Our president, Andy Lennox, would also like to add, “It’s a pleasure every year to recognize the achievements of the clients and customers we value so much for their support of Logix Brands and our products.”

Watch the full webcast of the 2019 Logix ICF Awards here or keep reading.

Small Residential Project Winner (Less than 3,000 sq. ft.)

With space and budget being limited, the emphasis for the small residential category is on ingenuity, creativity and performance.

Winner: The Peerless Trout Senior’s Home

Awarding: Chris Maracle (Consultant) and Jeremy Browning (Artistic Design) of Beaver Plastics 

Location: Northern Alberta

Built For: Peerless Trout First Nations’ senior home (Chris specializes in building homes for First Nations) 

What’s Notable About This Project: This was a project about giving local members of the First Nations community the opportunity to build their own infrastructure and to develop their skills in construction.

Chris accomplished this by establishing an in-house installation crew of local First Nations people, allowing them to work and develop their skills instead of bringing in migrant workers as is often the case.

Points of Interest:

  • The walls were built in just one and a half days for under $20K!
  • This is a net-zero ready home that uses 10% less energy consumption
  • The builders implemented a “100 Year, 7 Generations Approach” with financial and environmental sustainability at the forefront of the design.

Other Details:

  • Logix Platinum Series was used for the walls for enhanced R-value as well as additional panel inserts for even more R-value (likely as high as R-35 to R-37).
  • Logix Pro Buck™, an extremely popular product, was selected for framing out openings, Little waste reduces installation costs and no warping.
  • Heat-Sheet®, another popular choice among installers, was used for under-slab insulation.

Larger Residential Project Runner-Up & Winner

Winner: “Chateau Nectar” by Gonell Homes

Awarding: Will Gonell of Gonell Homes and Grant Litwin (Territory Manager)

Location: Vaughan, Ontario

What’s Notable About This Project: This home is an architectural masterpiece inspired by French chateaus and reminiscent of European castles. Several aspects of this home were even imported by Poland and Spain.

Points of Interest: 

  • This home has 26 ft. ceilings, which contributed to its beautiful design but also made it an engineering challenge!
  • The home was built through winter (due to the use of insulating concrete forms).
  • This project was also a 2017 Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) winner for “Custom Home Builder of the Year” and has even been featured in magazines like Canadian Contractor. 

Other Design Details: 

  • This home is 18,240 sq. ft.
  • Logix was used in a lot of different areas of this home, from the interior walls to the elevator shafts.

You can read more about Will’s experience with Logix brands (as well as more details about this home) here.

Runner Up: The Afton Passive House

Awarding:  Michael and Barbara Morehead (homeowners) as well as AMC Foam Technologies Inc.  

Location: Afton, Minnesota

What’s Notable About This Project: This is a passive home, built to the most rigorous performance standard for residential homes that exists today. 

Points of Interest:

  • Homeowners Mike and Barb spent 10 years researching how to build this home (including building a 2000 sq. ft. “laboratory” to test their choice of products before they even built it!).
  • This is a supremely insulated home: Logix 10” Platinum Series (R-28) was selected for the walls along with panel inserts and additional Roxul insulation on top of that!
  • This home creates more energy than it uses, with the final blower door test registering a HERS rating of 9. 

Other Design Details: 

  • 4200 sq. ft.
  • Elected to wrap their footings to prevent moisture from eventually getting into the walls

Commercial Project Runner-Up & Winner

Winner: Souris Hotel & Seniors’ Condominium

Awarding Steel Creek Developers and Conrad Hoeppner of AMC Technologies Inc.

You can see a video of the project here:

Location: Souris, Manitoba

Built For: Combination of seniors’ condo and hotel

What’s Notable About This Project: This project was interesting in that it’s both a seniors’ condo and a hotel and also for its comfort in terms of both sound and temperature.

Points of Interest: 

  • This was another winter build made possible by ICFs.
  • The build came in on budget at $163 per sq. ft.

Other Design Details:

  • Logix Platinum (R-28) was selected for the exterior walls.
  • Logix Pro was used for the corridor walls demising walls between units (resulting in 4-hour fire rating and sound attenuation for better safety and comfort for guests).
  • Logix Pro Buck™ was used for the openings

You can read more about the design details of Souris Hotel here.

Runner Up: BeeHive Homes of South Jordan by Utah ICF

Awarding Dan McCullough of BeeHive Homes of South Jordan and Dan Reefke (Territory Manager of Beaver Plastics)

Location: South Jordan, Utah 

Built For: Assisted Living Franchise

What’s Notable About This Project: This project involved a unique application of Logix (as well as the ingenuity of the McCullough family regarding all of the site challenges they faced with the lot).

The lot had a 19 ft. elevation change; due to the size of the building, the entire lot had to be levelled. However, the cheapest quote was $117K so decided to build the retaining wall with Logix ICF themselves (supported by 8” blocks), saving them $70,000! 

They also received levelling quotes at $177K, so Dan decided to rent an excavator and do the work himself (along with his family), for a whopping $150,000 in savings!

Other Design Details:

  • Logix Pro block was used.

Wrapping It Up

Congratulations again to all of the outstanding winners, runners-up and everyone who submitted to the 2019 Logix ICF Awards.

The team at Logix Brands would once again like to extend a thank you to our customers and builders for your support.

Curious about the 2018 and 2019 winners?

Watch the 2019 Logix ICF Awards (recording)
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Watch the 2018 Logix ICF Awards (recording)

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