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How to Identify the Best ICF System

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) is a building system with its own unique set of means and methods.

When choosing the best ICF system, important considerations include fast & easy installation, long term energy efficiency, local supply & support, complimentary products and exceptional customer service.

Logix ICF is excellent in all these areas.

Long-Term Performance for the Building and Its Owner 

Logix Pro is the flagship line of the Logix ICF series and offers 2 3/4-inch panels which, with a concrete core, make up an R-25 finished wall assembly – top-tier among all major ICF products.

The Logix Platinum series is made with graphite polystyrene (GPS). The graphite particles boost the panels’ R-values without adding a millimeter to the wall thickness. The typical thermal resistance of a finished wall assembly constructed with Logix Platinum is R-28. 

Additionally, foam inserts are available to increase R-values up to R-37. 

And finally, in the United States, Logix also offers the TX series, built designed with additional termite resistance in mind.

Speed and Ease of Installation for the Builder 

The Logix ICF system is designed has a myriad of unique time-saving features.

To get an idea of how fast Logix walls can go up, let’s look at a case study.

This builder attests to hitting a productivity rate of about 0.05 MH/ft² of Logix wall; this means that with a crew of 3, the team can finish a simple 2,000 ft² foundation or basement with 2,000 ft² with 9-foot 4-inch tall walls in about only 3.5 workdays.

Given that traditional foundation walls can take about 2 weeks to form, pour, finish, frame, and insulate, that’s lightning speed. 

Technical Support, Training & Resources 

As with any new construction method, switching to ICF entails some training and access to resources if you want to build with quality. 

Logix ICF is known as the ICF Solutions Company; and for good reason – from training seminars to installation guides, to a complete suite of engineering support and full technical assistance. Read more about that here.

Complimentary Product Lines to Complete the High-Performance Building Envelope 

If you’re building high-performance ICF walls, it makes sense to complement these with other top-tier insulation products. These may include: 

  • under-slab boards, 
  • interior and exterior panels for roofs and attics, and 
  • radiant floor heating boards. 

Complimentary product lines like Halo and Heat-Sheet offer a full array of the products listed above and you can often get these items from the same dealer as your Logix blocks and even have them delivered on the same truck.

Exceptional Customer Service

Sales and customer service are easily accessible through our network of local dealers across Canada and the United States.  Click here to find a dealer near you! 

Logix Brands, the manufacturer of the Logix ICF system, is a consortium which in it of itself is very unique. As a consortium, Logix Brands leverages the strength, power and resources of a multi-national organization, while also offering the support and attentive service of a nimble local business.

Learn more at LOGIXBRANDS.COM.

Installer Training
Installer Training
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