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Getting Started with Logix Insulating Concrete Forms

The possibilities are endless with Logix ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). Our variety of foam panels, connectors, core widths, and smart accessory products help Logix ICF® offer a complete construction solution with built-in savings, resilience, and comfort.

While building with ICF does involve a learning curve, we will discuss how these well-designed, high-performance products help your transition to insulated concrete forms as seamless and profitable as possible. Logix ICF products are backed by a comprehensive and intelligent support system that includes interactive webcasts, technical mobile apps, and optional in-person training to aid in the switch.

Resource Articles: Get Started Successfully

Planning the construction of your first ICF basement, home or building can be a daunting task, but Logix ICF® offers several insider tips for getting started on the right foot and for avoiding common mistakes. Our library of resources and informative blogs such as “How To Build Your Home With ICFs – Design Tips (and the Most Common Mistakes To Avoid!)” are a great place to gather initial ideas for your Logix ICF® plan. 

Webcasts: Interactive Learning with Q&A

We also recommend you watch a webcast that is tailored specifically for builders and designers undertaking their first Logix ICF project. Our “Primer for First Time Logix ICF Builders & Designer” webcast outlines the extensive support we offer to first-time builders and designers. A live version of this webcast also provides a convenient opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have. 

Watch this recording of a previously-held “Primer” webcast at ANY time –

Assembling Your Team

Next you should reach out to your local Logix® dealers or territory manager. Your local Logix ICF dealer can provide take-offs, advice, and technical support for using Logix® ICF products in your construction projects and, if necessary, can connect you with a Local ICF-experienced Installer or Designer. They can also direct you to the ICF Pro-Link online directory, where you can obtain competitive quotes for installation or design services.

Training Your Crew

If this will be the first Logix ICF installation for your crew, one of the most effective ways to smooth the transition to insulated concrete forms is to invest in training and technical support for those who will be installing your Logix ICF®. For all contractors who want to learn how to build with Logix ICF®, the Logix organization, together with our network of authorized dealers, offers in-class, online, and on-site Logix installer training and education across North America. Our series of installation videos available on the Logix Brands® YouTube channel is also available for additional demonstrations.

Designing, Engineering & Estimating with Logix Apps

Planning your Logix ICF project is straightforward. Obtain quick ballpark estimates for the required quantities of Logix products, concrete, and rebar with our newly updated One Minute Estimator app. This app is ideal for preliminary budgeting and planning.

Logix ICF® wall engineering is also accessible and supported through a few simple keystrokes with the Logix One Minute Engineer App. This app provides solid prescriptive engineering and drawing details that are ready to bring to the jobsite or to submit to building officials for your permits.

Both apps are conveniently available for download on Apple and Android.

Ordering Your Materials

Once you are ready to order your materials, the Full Logix Estimator, available for download online. This app will quickly create detailed and accurate take-offs, cut lists, and more, and will generate professional and precise customer quotes with the margins you need. The Logix build materials are then generally purchased through our dealers, many of whom offer ICF bracing rentals, and some may also provide installation services. These dealers can also direct you to the prescriptive engineering tables, installation guidelines, and procedures in our Technical Library.

Find the Logix Dealer closest to you –

Wrapping Up

Whether energy-efficiency inspired the decision to use Logix ICF® or the increased profits over traditional methods, the choice is one that Logix Brands® backs whole-heartedly. With the range of supports we have discussed, many installers and business owners have made the successful switch to Logix Insulated Concrete Forms®. This short video is a great way to learn about the experience of our installers and how they’ve improved with the transition to Logix ICF®.

At Logix, we know that our installers can achieve high performance easily when adequately supported. We look forward to watching your Logix ICF projects develop and want to share how our products help your builds! Please share your projects with us by using #LogixICF and by tagging @LogixBrands.

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