House Plans for Logix ICF

Thousands of Plans Available

Logix makes it easy for you to build green while still providing you a full spectrum of architectural design options. From European to colonial, traditional to modern, almost any house plan can be configured for Logix ICF construction.

Whether you're planning from the start or need help in modifying existing plans, we'll help ensure new home purchases can dream big as well as think green by building with Logix.

Please view our list of Logix-experienced designers. Logix offers full assistance and support to architects, engineers and builders when they first work with us.
Many municipalities will allow a Logix basement to be built from conventional plans, though a simple addendum on the existing building plans may be required. Your local Logix dealer can provide you with all the product and pricing information you will need.

If you want to convert an existing house plan to a full-height Logix XtraComfort™ Home, you must convert your existing plans. If you have a complete set of conventional plans in modifiable, electronic format and are willing to maintain the existing exterior dimensions of the home, simply email us (and attach your plans if you can) and we will provide you with a quote to convert your plans.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your conventional plans Logix-modified by the designer of your choosing with full consultation available from our staff.

If you have already started the design and planning process with another ICF, then switching to a Logix XtraComfort Home or Basement is even easier.

Even though the foam insulation in Logix is a bit thicker, the existing building plans should still be all you need. To confirm or modify the engineering and placement of reinforcement bar, simply use the Logix One Minute Engineer, the ICF industry's only interactive engineering software.

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