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If Engineering for ICF Walls is Offered in Building Codes, Why Does Logix ICF Offer its Own Prescriptive Engineering Packages?

Logix ICF’s prescriptive engineer tables simply offer superior clarity and more in-depth coverage for the design of Logix ICF walls.

It is easier and more direct to use the Logix ICF prescriptive engineering tables. Doing so avoids the clutter of working through the large, complex building code manuals.

And finally, the ICF engineering in the building codes may be overly conservative with respect to the design of Logix ICF walls.

Click here to download the Logix ICF Prescriptive Engineering Tables. 

And to things even easier, Logix has developed the One-Minute Engineer — a handy app that spares you the trouble of digging through the prescriptive engineering reports.

All you have to do is input the characteristics of the building, and you’ll get a report with the recommended rebar density and placement, along with a wall section detail.

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