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How Should I Protect My ICF Jobsite From an Overnight Snowfall?

How should I protect my ICF job site from an overnight snowfall?

Your first priority is to keep snow out of the forms you have already placed in the wall – don’t just assume that concrete will melt it after the pour. By keeping your unpoured walls clear of snow accumulation, you will prevent voids in your wall.

So, to prepare your site for an overnight snowfall, start with Halo Subterra caps on top of your Logix ICF walls.

First, pre-drill the Subterra boards so the rebar dowels can go through them. Then simply place them over the tops of ICF walls. If you expect a chilly night, you can also put an insulated tarp over the Subterra caps and protect the dowels with pipe insulation.

Place an Insulated tarp draped over the wall in addition to the Subterra if it will be very cold

With the tops of your ICF walls protected, here are a few more things that’ll help your site weather a night of snow and chill:

Cover the bottom of all windows bucks if you’ve already pre-cut the 4-inch holes.

Tarp all bundles of Logix ICF if stacking will continue next day.

Store your zip ties, enerfoam, and foam gun in the truck overnight. Keeping these items out of the cold will ensure they’re not frozen when you show up for work the next morning.

Subterra Insulating The Caps
Halo Subterra Top Cap
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Logix ICF Home In The Winter

Winter Construction General Good Practice

Winter building with Logix ICF is relatively easy, but you can still do some things to ensure a smooth, effective process.

Use compressed air or a leaf blower to clean out debris and snow stuck in the interlock. These things tend to get caught in the interlock while covering and uncovering.

Remind the ready-mix master to prepare the mix with the current local weather in mind. The last thing you want is someone unaware of the conditions to prepare a lousy mix for you remotely.

Pour your concrete quickly and promptly cover the fresh pours. While Logix ICFs facilitate winter curing, it’s still essential to work fast when building in cold weather.

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