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What Are The Advantages Of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)?

What are the benefits of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for homeowners and installers?

More and more builders (and homeowners) are moving toward insulated concrete forms. A report found that the ICF market is expected to achieve a compound growth rate of 27.5%.

This blog post will cover the benefits of each.

The Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms for Homeowners

More homeowners are choosing ICF homes over traditional wood-framed homes.

Here’s a look at why HGTV personality Bryan Baeumler chooses ICFs:

1. Energy-Efficiency = Massive Energy Savings & Reduced Environmental Impact

One of the big advantages of ICFs for homeowners is energy efficiency. A recent groundbreaking study found that ICF walls had 60% less energy loss.

This is due to the “ICF Effect”:

  • The continuous foam panels in ICFs provided an R-value of R-25 and above.
  • The thermal mass of the concrete core in the wall.
  • The airtight ICF building envelope.

2. Greater Comfort

Another benefit of ICF homes is that they’re more comfortable – with consistent temperatures, no drafts and QUIET – the Logix ICF has a sound transmission class of 56 which is far greater than regular walls and which reduces outside noise to a whisper.

This added comfort level extends to ICF basements which feel just like another main floor of your home. On the other hand, many regular basements are just used for storage.

3. Safe & Disaster-Resilient

Another benefit of ICF homes is that the steel-reinforced concrete walls protect against fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Logix ICF walls, for instance, have a four-hour fire rating compared to wood-frame walls, which can burn down in minutes.

Here’s just one example of how an ICF home stood up against Hurricane Michael while the surrounding homes were destroyed.

ICF homes are mold-resistant as well.

The Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms for Installers

The benefits of ICFs also extend to installers. This is true whether you are building residential homes or commercial buildings.

Here is builder Harvey Schellenberg discussing why he chooses ICFs:

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4. More Leads + Gain a Competitive Advantage By Specializing in ICFs

As you saw above, more homeowners are uncovering the advantages of ICFs themselves. In fact, this was part of the reason why General Contractor Will Gonell of Gonell Homes built the “Chateau Nectar” project with ICFs.

Even here at Logix, we often have more leads than specialized ICF builders to refer them to.

The second part of this is that an installer can gain a local competitive advantage by specializing in ICFs. Naturally, people interested in ICFs will choose builders with ICF expertise.

5. Build Faster and Easier = More Time Savings and Profits

A second benefit of building with ICFs is that it’s a faster and easier process. Building with Logix ICFs, for instance, requires just six steps in one package.

You can even build through both wet and snowy conditions.

It may come as a surprise given that many people believe building with wood is faster and cheaper, but this case study will show you what happened when one general contractor built with wood versus ICFs.

For instance, this same builder found that his ICF build required half the crew size and two thirds the total amount of labor hours.

6. Build Your Own Basements = Greater Profits

Instead of subcontracting out your basements, you can build your own basements and increase your profits.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to building with insulated concrete forms, homeowners benefit from increased energy-efficiency, comfort and safety while builders and installers generate more leads, build faster and ultimately increase their bottom line.

Request a quote, get more information, or talk to a Logix Advisor by contacting us today.

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