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Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires threaten our safety and our prized possessions. And they seem to be on the rise, both in frequency and intensity. At the same time, families continue to be drawn to the beautiful coastal areas (and the many other locations) that are prone to these dangerous climatic events.

Have a look at the picture to the right from Hurricane Michael. A stick frame house wouldn't have had a chance at stopping this.

Strong and safe ICF homes are not expensive. But when severe climactic events threaten, they're priceless. 

First, the highly insulated concrete-and-steel Logix ICF building envelope will protect and provide comfort and peace of mind to your family during the threatening event itself.

Then, in the days and weeks afterwards while your community’s utilities and infrastructure are being repaired and your air conditioning or heating is left unpowered, the air-tight and highly insulated Logix ICF envelope will continue to surround your family in an ambience of relative comfort, with moderate temperatures and humidity levels.

Disaster Resilient

And as well, ICF is also a great option if you wish to build a separate safe room either outside of the home or inside an ICF, or wood-frame, home. Click here for more information on ICF-built safe rooms.

Logix ICF is the perfect start toward building a cost-effective and highly disaster-resilient home or building. And here’s how you can optimize the power of Logix ICF to provide maximum protection, peace of mind and comfort for the specific climactic event(s) that are of particular concern to you:  


Featured Projects:

This Logix constructed home has many additional high wind-resistant features built in, to minimize loss or damage due to hurricanes.

This is the premier ICF project in the reconstruction of Greensburg KS. This community center contains a library, media centers, office areas, museum and even a restored soda fountain. This is a LEED Platinum certified project.

This home was designed to be the ultimate convergence of sustainability and resilience. In fact, this home was designed to be able to withstand a nuclear event.

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For more detailed information, download:

Designing Safe Rooms and Safe Homes With Logix


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