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Safe Home and Safe Room Design Principles

Natural disasters are on the rise, both in frequency and intensity. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires threaten our comfort and security – two of the greatest human values. Ironically, people continue to move to high-risk costal areas and other locations prone to natural disasters in ever-increasing numbers. The best defense against Nature… is to build green.

NORTHERN FLORIDA – The first ICF home to be "Certified For Fortified Living" for exceptional disaster resistance.
Resistant. Resilient. Reliable.

Logix XtraComfort Homes and High Performance Buildings don't just save energy – they're also built to last. That's the genius within Logix's steel-reinforced concrete core. The unique combination of poured concrete and steel rebar means that Logix walls are exceptionally strong, while offering a pliancy that effectively dampens the power of hurricanes and earthquakes.

  • Wind Protection – Wind-rated to over 300 mph
  • Fire Protection – 4-hour fire rating
  • Earthquake Protection – Engineering available for all seismic zones
  • Moisture Protection – Does not rot

Resistant. Resilient. Reliable.

This is a Logix'built home that survived Hurricane Sandy in 2012 during which more than 100 people were killed and tens of thousands left homeless.

PASS CHRISTIAN, MISSISSIPPI – In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, only an ICF-built home is left standing amidst a field of destruction.
Designing Safe Rooms and Safe Homes with Logix

Hurricanes and tornadoes have progressively caused more damage to property, personal injury and loss of life in the United States than any other type of natural disaster. In fact, 2011 is proving to be a record year for tornadoes – costing billions in property damage, and hundreds of lives lost.

Our "Designing Safe Rooms and Safe Homes with Logix" whitepaper is the only official report in the ICF industry that contains FEMA-compliant designs rated for wind speeds up to 300 mph.


Download now and see why Logix offers such dependable protection against the unpredictability of nature.