Build Better Schools

Build Better Schools

Over the last decade ICFs have become the design standard for new school construction in the USA.  "It's hard to see a better alternative for school construction" states an architect who has recently designed many ICF-built schools.

Forward thinking school boards all across the USA  are realizing the benefits of building better schools with Logix - they are lowering their annual energy expenses and then allocating the savings  towards educational resources and teacher salaries.

Meanwhile, the children enjoy a comfortable and quiet learning environment within a safe steel-reinforced concrete envelope that's impervious to high winds and severe storms. It's a win/win all around.

Simply Faster & Less Expensive

Simply Faster & Less Expensive


Plus, Logix ICF is simply faster and less expensive than you expect high quality school construction to be. And simpler too - with Logix, a single crew can build the entire school's superstructure, largely unimpeded by cold winter conditions.

 Logix is the perfect wall for the following elements in new school construction:

* Exterior walls
* Interior load bearing walls (often corridor walls)
* Fire & sound rated demising walls
* Tall Walls (auditoriums and gymnasiums)
* Safe Rooms and Areas
* Shear Walls

Logix is the perfect wall for the following elements of a school:

Stem Walls

Interior Load Bearing Walls

Exterior Walls

Featured Projects:

Athens, WV

Lumberport, WV

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