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Only LOGIX offers a choice of web type, foam type, cavity thickness and panel thickness.With LOGIX,
designers have more freedom to create. LOGIX is also the most solid and easiest ICF product to install,
delivering more profit and less pressure to the construction team.

Thicker Foam.

Thick LOGIX panels provide superior R-25 R-Value and additional strength so you can build straight walls quickly. LOGIX panels also accept standard electrical boxes.

Cavity Widths from 4"-12".

Increases versatility and provides enhanced design flexibility.

Corner Web.

• Reinforced LOGIX corners reduce the risk of blow outs.
• Saves time by eliminating the need for additional form support in most instances.
• Provides additional fastening surface for interior and exterior finishes.
• Accommodates colonial corners.

LOGIX Flex Bars.

•Allows for LOGIX blocks to placed upside-down in a wall.
• Reduces waste when building gable ends.

Open Web Design.

Optimizes concrete flow
and consolidation.


Allows you to order LOGIX foam panels in thicknesses of up to 8". With this amazing technology, LOGIX can now provide customized R-Value solutions of up to R-66.

LOGIX Hybrid Technology
  • LOGIX knockdown forms are fully compatible and interchangeable with LOGIX solid forms – and thus LOGIX Hybrid Technology is born. This integration of assembled, solid LOGIX blocks and LOGIX knockdown forms into a unique and harmonized building technology saves time and money on the job site.
  • Use LOGIX knockdown blocks to build form units around complex and heavy rebar patterns. Then use solid LOGIX blocks to gain time in the areas where the rebar spec is lighter.
  • When you’ve got heavy rebar, use LOGIX Hybrid Technology!
LOGIX Platinum Series

LOGIX Platinum Series is powered by millions of tiny graphite infrared absorbers and heat reflectors that reduce thermal conductivity.

  • LOGIX Platinum Series provides more R-value without increasing wall thickness.
  • LOGIX Platinum Series delivers R-28 with our regular 2.75" panel thickness.
  • That’s far more R-value than most ICF’s offer.
  • LOGIX Platinum Series is better for contractors as well. The elimination of the sun glare from regular white panels makes it easier on the eyes.
LOGIX walls provide six wall elements.
  • Concrete.
  • Reinforcement bar.
  • Insulation.
  • Air barrier.
  • Vapor barrier.
  • Furring strips
This increases efficiency and reduces the number
of vendors and trades that have to be managed
and coordinated.