Pro Buck

Pro Buck is the complete solution for ICF wall openings. The "6.25"" Pro Buck will provide R-49 framing around windows and doors! Watch the video to see everything it does.

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The D-Rv installs quickly and adds 2" of additional foam insulation plus an interior drainage plane, if required. Logix D-Rv, when used in conjunction with Logix Platinum Series, can provide an ultra high performance R-37 wall assembly.

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End Cap

Logix Ends Caps quickly terminate walls while providing an energy-saving thermal break.

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Height Adjuster

Installers use our Height Adjusters to build a Logix wall to 4" wall height increments without waste.

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Only Logix offers this preformed pilaster form unit that saves time and money when you build insulated tall walls that require enhanced incremental structural strength.

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Some Accessories Products Are Available In:

Logix Platinum® Series

Logix Platinum® Series features form units with thick 2 3/4” silver/gray panels made with Neopor® GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) by BASF®.

Available in Participating Plant Locations Only

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