Product Dimensions
  4" (102mm) 6.25" (159mm) 8" (203mm) 10" (254mm) 12" (305mm) > 12"
Conc Corbel Length n/a 9.75" (248mm) 11.5" (292mm) 13.5" (343mm) See KD See Xtender
Height n/a 16" (406mm) 16" (406mm) 16" (406mm) See KD See Xtender
Length n/a 48" (1219mm) 48" (1219mm) 48" (1219mm) See KD See Xtender
Corbel Width n/a 13.5" (343mm) 15.25" (387mm) 17.25" (438mm) See KD See Xtender
Block Width n/a 11.75" (298mm) 13.5" (343mm) 15.5" (394mm) See KD See Xtender
Concrete Volume n/a 0.127yd^3 (0.097m^3) 0.156yd^3 (0.119m^3) 0.189yd^3 (0.144m^3) See KD See Xtender
*Foam-to-foam dimensions shown, unless noted otherwise.            
          PRO Series Platinum Series
      Wall Assembly R-value   R-25+ R-28+

Double Taper Tops Are Available In:

Logix Platinum® Series

Logix Platinum® Series features form units with thick 2 3/4” silver/gray panels made with Neopor® GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) by BASF®.

Available in Participating Plant Locations Only

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Logix TX® Series

The EPS panels in Logix TX® Series are treated with imadacloprid to offer a secondary layer of protection against termites.

Available in Participating Plant Locations Only

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