Product Dimensions
  4" (102mm) 6.25" (159mm) 8" (203mm) 10" (254mm) 12" (305mm)  
Height 16" (406mm) 16" (406mm) 16" (406mm) 16" (406mm) See KD  
Block Width 9.5" (241mm) 11.75" (298mm) 13.5" (343mm) 15.5" (394mm) See KD  
Long Leg 32.125" (816mm) 32.125" (816mm) 32.125" (816mm) 34.5" (876mm) See KD  
Short Leg 16.125" (410mm) 16.125" (410mm) 16.125" (410mm) 18.5" (470mm) See KD  
Concrete Volume 0.066yd^3 (0.05m^3) 0.103yd^3 (0.079m^3) 0.132yd^3 (0.101m^3) 0.182yd^3 (0.139m^3) See KD  
*Foam-to-foam dimensions shown from outside corner.            
          PRO Series Platinum Series
      Wall Assembly R-value   R-25+ R-28+

90 Degree Corners Are Available In:

Logix Platinum® Series

Logix Platinum® Series features form units with thick 2 3/4” silver/gray panels made with Neopor® GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) by BASF®.

Currently Available At Our Chilliwack BC, Edmonton AB and Winnipeg MB Plant Locations Only

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Logix TX® Series

The EPS panels in Logix TX® Series are treated with imadacloprid to offer a secondary layer of protection against termites.

Currently Available At Our Wichita, KS Plant Location Only

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