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The Full Logix Estimator
(Desktop App)

The Full Logix Estimator is a robust and versatile desktop app that will quickly generate detailed and accurate take offs, cut lists and customer quotes for projects of any size.

Download the Logix Estimator Watch Logix Estimator Video Tutorial Part 1 Watch Logix Estimator Video Tutorial Part 2

This desktop app is Windows-compatible. However, it will also work on IOS devices if you have downloaded Parallels cross-platform solution onto your device.

The Logix One Minute Estimator
(Mobile App)

When you build with Logix ICF and are on the go, you can quickly calculate ballpark quantities of Logix forms, concrete and rebar on your smartphone using the Logix One-Minute Estimator App.

The Logix One Minute Engineer is now available as a web app. Click here to start using this time-saving app to design your Logix ICF walls.

Alternatively, you can download our prescriptive engineering booklets here.

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