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Did you think that most basements are waterproof? Because that’s not true – most basements built today are only damp-proofed.

So what is the difference and why should you care?

Basically, damp-proofing is intended to keep out soil moisture while waterproofing keeps out both moisture and liquid water. Damp-proofing is a coating, usually asphalt-based, that is either sprayed on or hand applied to the outside of the wall. The drawbacks include an inability to seal larger cracks or holes left by form ties and the potential for damage by coarse or careless backfill. And damp-proofing will not likely withstand any sudden increase in water pressure against the basement wall and a messy and damaging basement flood will be the likely result.
Waterproofing a foundation requires a more exacting in the treatment of the wall. Obviously, if there is any doubt about whether or not damp-proofing will do the job, it’s best to spend the extra time and money to waterproof, particularly for finished basement living space. Of course the depth of the foundation wall and the use of the interior space will also determine the choice of methods. A 36-inch frost wall for an unheated crawlspace built on well-drained soil and employing a gravity drain is a good candidate for damp-proofing. The house next door with a 10-foot-high foundation wall and a finished basement might opt for a fully waterproofed foundation wall system.

Logix XtraComfort Basements are always waterproofed and Logix home owners are often impressed with how their Logix basement “feels like another main level of the home”.
And for even more moisture protection you can install Logix D-Rv into your Logix basement walls for a back up interior drainage layer and additional insulation

Waterproof basements are like strong bones. You can’t see them, but you always feel them. For life.

Logix Waterproofing > Dampproofing

Logix Waterproofing > Dampproofing

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