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New Resources For Getting Started With Logix ICF

Lumber prices have skyrocketed by more than 180% since last spring and, according to the National Association of Home Builders, this has caused the price of an average new single family dwelling to increase by $24,286 since April 2020. 

There’s never been a better time to build with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

It’s relatively easy to build with Logix ICF but it does take training and experience to make Logix ICF construction as fast and cost-efficient as it can be. 

In our previous “Getting Started With Logix” post, we addressed these key essentials:

  • Using online resources
  • Picking the right team
  • Designing, engineering, and estimating with Logix
  • Procuring materials

This post will walk you through our 2 brand-new additions to the pool of getting-started resources: our new collections of Logix ICF small home plans, and our live online installer training sessions.

Just Released – Small Home Plans for Logix ICF!

Logix ICFs allow an array of design options, but we made things easier for you by drafting 2 brand-new collections of small home floor plans. These homes range from 500ft² to 1,250ft² — the perfect size for a smaller primary residence or an Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU). The West Coast collection features an assortment of home designs with an art deco-type architecture, whereas the Heartland collection offers a range of classic styles.

These attractive slab-on-grade designs feature the following:

  • Logix Pro ICF walls with 6.25-inch concrete cores
  • R-10 GPS or Heat-Sheet under-slab insulation
  • Halo Interra ceiling insulation to reduce heat loss and optimize airtightness.
  • The 950/1100/1250ft² designs are also offered with a “full Logix ICF basement” option for additional high-quality living space. (Ask your Logix representative for details.)

Whether you’re ready to build, or are simply looking for a bit of inspiration, be sure to check out our 2 collections of Logix ICF small home designs here.

Live Online Interactive Installer Training

Building with Logix isn’t overly difficult, but the more know-how and experience you have, the faster you’ll complete your projects. That’s why we’ve always offered installer training — an interactive course with something in store for both seasoned and novice ICF installers.

This year, thanks to COVID-19, Logix is moving the course online. You’ll be getting much more than just a recording with multiple choice quizzes though — our live online Logix ICF Basic Installer training sessions are just as vibrant and interactive as our in-person classes.

These live sessions are led by field-experienced instructors who encourage attendees to ask questions as they come to mind. The following steps in the Logix ICF construction process are interactively explored in depth:

  • tools and materials
  • footings and slabs
  • placing courses
  • placing rebar
  • penetrations
  • concrete placement
  • electrical and plumbing
  • floor and roof connections
  • estimating
  • drainage and waterproofing
  • interior and exterior finishes
  • engineering

These informative webcasts occur monthly though the spring and fall, and are broken down into 2, 2-hour sessions, and you can quickly register for one here. If you can’t find a time slot that works, reach out to our support team and we will try our best to accommodate you. What’s more, you can also contact us to discuss options for project-specific training.

In the meantime, you can start by watching our Primer Webcast, which will take you on an in-depth walkthrough of all our training resources. Also, be sure to check out Logix’s extensive video library, which has a selection of video guides that covers ICF installation.

Wrapping It Up

Like any new material, Logix ICF is easier to build with when you have the proper tools. To equip you with the right means for smooth Logix construction, we constantly review and improve our collection of resources.

This year, we’re finally taking the guesswork out of Logix home design with 2 distinct small home floor plan collections, which you can use to plan your build, or simply get inspired.

To help you boost your profits by installing Logix faster, we’ll continue our installer training, but in an online format. Despite the remote setting, you can still expect sessions with lively, meaningful discussions. To learn more about our webcasts, click here.

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