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Increasing Lumber Prices Have Builders Racing to Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

Lumber prices have always been more volatile than those of steel, concrete, and insulated concrete forms (ICF). Recently, these lumber prices have exploded like never before!
In response, builders and homeowners are discovering the many benefits of Logix ICF while saving themselves from skyrocketing lumber prices.

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Building Material Price Index (As of March 2021)

Pricing Increases

Here’s How These 2 Logix Award-Winning Builders Are Pricing Their Logix ICF Projects vs Wood-Frame Builds

“I have this 2-story ICF-designed home with a 30’ x 60’ footprint located in Webster Grove, Missouri coming up in spring 2021:

  • Full Logix ICF basement
  • Logix ICF exterior walls for the main and upper floors
  • ICF floor system for the main floor, upper and roof deck.

In early April 2021, my client asked me to price check vs wood-frame construction, keeping the basement in Logix ICF but quoting the exterior walls, both floors and the roof deck with wood-frame construction.

The two-building envelope quotes actually came in within a couple of hundred dollars of each other and my building material supplier told me to expect higher wood prices in May!

ICF has always been the better way to build and with wood prices the way they are today, ICF is simply a no-brainer.”

“In today’s volatile building materials climate, lumber prices have been on a very steep incline. Labor and wood framing materials, when you can find them, are at record premiums.

Considering this, it is a very easy choice to make the move to Logix ICF construction. Logix ICF saves time during the building process and now it saves money upfront. 

Customers do not have to wait to see the financial benefits through energy savings.”

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