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The Advantages of Insulated Concrete Forms and Why It Matters

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build, or a construction professional, there’s never been a better time to build with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). Not only are ICFs weathering the current economic turmoil and supply chain crisis far better than lumber, but they have distinct, inherent benefits for owner-builders and contractors alike.

This post will discuss the advantages that homeowners and construction pros can get from building with ICFs.

3 Big Advantages of ICFs — for Homeowners

ICFs are becoming a popular alternative to wood-frame construction among homeowners and owner-builders. Here’s why: ICFs offer higher energy efficiency, greater comfort, and more resilience to disasters than a light wood frame ever could.

Higher Energy Efficiency With a Lower Carbon Footprint Over Time

Walls built with ICFs can conserve up to 60% more energy. These savings are possible thanks to the ICF effect, an intrinsic property that allows ICF walls to block heat transfer by:

  • Providing a layer of continuous insulation on both sides of the concrete core, with an R-Value of R-25
  • Slowing down the rate of heat loss from the wall’s concrete core, which has a high thermal mass
  • Sealing the building with an airtight envelope

Since ICF walls can keep indoor climate steady even as the outdoor temperatures undergo wild swings. This means that a home can retain warmth longer in winter and stay cool longer in summer, without heating or air conditioning systems. So, apart from helping homeowners conserve energy and save money on their heating and cooling bills, ICF walls also help reduce the home’s carbon footprint over time.

Greater Health and Comfort for You and Your Family

Health and comfort are other benefits homeowners can reap by opting for ICF walls. Because of their double, continuous insulation layer and concrete core, Logix ICF walls are well-adept at keeping outside noise where it belongs — outside the house.

The same property ensures these walls are airtight, so you can expect a draught-free home with even temperatures throughout. 

Finally, since there are no organic materials in the wall assemblies, Logix ICF walls do not promote mold growth the way wood-frame wall assemblies do.

And what’s more fundamental to comfort and well-being than a home that’s quiet, draught-free, and mold-free?

Better Resilience to Disasters

Severe climatic catastrophes, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires, have intensified in recent years. And there’s no denying that much of North America is susceptible to major seismic events — as infrequent as they may seem.

Modern homes must adapt to withstand these forces of nature and keep their occupants safe. This is where Logix ICF walls make all the difference. Their 4-hour fire rating and steel reinforcement allow them to withstand flame exposure and lateral loads associated with strong winds and earthquakes.

You can see for yourself how an ICF home has handled recent California wildfires and how another survived a Category 5 hurricane.

3 Huge Advantages of ICFs — for Builders

It’s not only homeowners who stand to benefit from choosing ICF systems like Logix ICF. Builders have a lot to gain by using ICF in construction, too. They can reduce their crew sizes, stop relying on specialized trades, and take advantage of multiple, quality new work opportunities.

1. Get Quality Leads!

As the demand for ICFs surges among homeowners, so does the need for experienced ICF installers.

And even if you haven’t worked with ICFs before, now’s a great time to start and learn. Rest assured, your newfound skills will see plenty of demand going forward, especially as lumber’s rollercoaster prices push more and more custom homeowners and developers to ditch the wood frame and embrace ICFs instead.

Are you an experienced ICF installer looking for more leads? Go ahead and register on the Logix ICF online directory.

And if you’re interested in learning more, check out our Basic Logix Installer Training Course — you’ll be able to register for a free interactive online seminar on the date of your choice.

2. Slash Your Crew Size

By opting for Logix walls, you’re effectively merging 6 separate tasks into 1:

  1. Concrete
  2. Reinforcement
  3. Insulation
  4. Air barrier
  5. Vapor barrier
  6. Furring strips

This means that a single, small crew can perform all these typically individual tasks by simply installing Logix ICF blocks and filling them with concrete. By relying on fewer trades and cutting the size of your crew — without sacrificing productivity — you can shave precious time off the construction schedule and build with a leaner budget.

Logix ICF Foundation

3. Build Your Own Foundations

With Logix ICF, there’s no need to outsource bits of scope to specialized trades. In fact, your framing crew should be able to handle most of the structure on their own — even foundations.

This means you don’t have to hire subcontractors just to build a basement; you’ll have fewer scheduling problems and fewer annoying phone calls to make.

In the end, you keep more of the job in-house without having to share the juicy pie with other trades.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, ICFs have a bit of something for everyone.

By choosing ICFs, homeowners get lower energy bills, greater health and comfort, and better resilience against natural disasters. Builders get more leads, achieve savings on labor, and rely less on subcontractors. Even the planet benefits from lower carbon emissions.

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