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How To Build A Foundation With ICFs – Finding An Installer

download a PDF of this articleIn terms of finding an ICF installer to build your foundation, the first question you need to answer is – should you perform the installation yourself?

If you’re not a professional contractor, you should only consider undertaking the installation of your ICF foundation yourself if the foundation is basic in nature; if you have good basic carpentry skills; and if you have built a basic structure before. For best results, we typically recommend engaging an experienced ICF installer to build your foundation.

ICF Pro-Link logoHow to find an ICF-experienced installer for your ICF foundation

Click here to find and contact your local Logix ICF dealer to get a list of local trained and experienced Logix installers.

• To locate and contact local ICF-experienced installers, browse ICF Pro-Link By Logix. Hundreds of ICF-experienced installers are listed there.

Logix ICF installer training picHow to engage an installer who is NOT trained or ICF-experienced

Successful, high quality ICF installations are routinely done by quality contractors who arrange for proper training and technical support for their first ICF installation. So, if you would like to engage a contractor who is not trained or experienced with ICFs, have the contractor contact Logix ICF or your local Logix dealer to arrange for ICF training and appropriate technical support.

Helpful tips for checking installer references and qualifications

• Obtain references from three previous customers – and contact them!

• Ask if there is a current in-progress job site that you can visit?

• Ask if the installer is ICF-experienced. If he/she is, enquire about the types of projects and scope of ICF work the installer has done in the past.reference check pic

• Find out if the installer has completed an ICF training course. He/she will have a certificate of completion that they can present. Over the years thousands of installers have completed a Logix ICF training course.

• Ask if the installer has their own crew or if they subcontract out to others.

• Find out if the installer has their own ICF bracing. For a typical Logix basement, 40 sets should be more than enough.

• Ask if the installer will provide you with a warranty.

• Ensure the installer has liability insurance in place and has a Workers’ Compensation account.

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