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Do ICF Homes Cost More?

Do ICF Homes Cost More?

On average ICF homes do not cost more than traditional wood homes when annual energy savings is considered.

Assuming you are planning to finish your basement and insulate the walls to R20 or better, the cost of a Logix ICF basement would be similar to conventional. 

For above grade, Logix ICF construction can cost in the range of $5 – $8 more per square foot of above grade wall area than an ordinary 2×6 stick-framed wall.

Let’s assume a bungalow with 2,000 sq ft of living space and 1,800 sq ft of above grade walls.

  • $150/sq ft – Budget price to build the home conventionally
  • $300,000 –  Budget price for conventional build  (assume $150 sq ft  x 2000 sq ft of floor area)
  • $12,600  –  Additional cost to build above grade walls with Logix  (assume $7/sq ft premium x 1800 sq feet of above grade walls )
  • 4.2% – Cost premium to build with Logix  (($312,600 – $300,000)
  • $59.00/mth  – Additional monthly payment to finance $12,600

So, in this case, if your total heating, cooling, insurance and annual maintenance savings are more than $59.00/month, then building an XtraComfort Logix ICF home will actually be LESS EXPENSIVE  and cash flow positive, compared to building a lower quality, lower value stick-framed home.

It’s important to note that the cost of soft wood lumber is far more volatile than ICF pricing and when the cost of softwood lumber spikes, as it is currently doing again, the cost of regular wood-frame walls will actually approach the cost of high-performance ICF walls.

More food for thought – in some coastal areas, some builders now offering new homes built with Logix ICF at no extra cost versus the same home built with basic masonry walls, which is a customary construction method in those regions. In this case, all your monthly savings go right into your pocket.

For more information on the costs of ICF and how they compare, visit our previous post here: What Do Insulated Concrete Forms Cost?

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