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Can I Build with ICF Myself?

Can I Build With ICF Myself?

Yes, but you should only consider it if you have a substantial amount of basic construction experience and the building is a simple design, like a rectangle.
DIY ICF Construction
Simple ICF Construction
Family Built Home - @BrownsOnTheMove
Family Built Home - @BrownsOnTheMove
Here are recommendations for DIY’ers:

Take the Logix ICF Installer training course and watch the Logix ICF installation education video clips.

Hire an ICF experienced installer for a 3 stage consultation:

  1. Getting started – footings and first two courses
  2. Midway through – during at least one window opening detail
  3. One day before pour day and on pour day.

The most critical parts of a basic ICF build are:

  • The footing must be square and laid out in accordance with the dimensions on the plans. It is also very helpful for the footings to be level within a ¼”.
  • The pre-concrete pour inspection – to ensure the erected walls are properly supported and braced.
  • The concrete pour itself.

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