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Logix V12 – the Better Way to Adjust Your Wall Height

Are you thinking about using Logix half-height blocks or height adjusters?

This post will show you a better way of getting your wall to the right height. To replace 1 course of half-height (8″tall) Logix blocks in your wall, simply swap 1 course of regular (16″ tall) Logix blocks for 2 courses of (12″ tall) Logix V12.

What is Logix V12?

Logix ICF forms have always afforded a flexible way to build.  Logix 8-inch tall half-height blocks and 4-inch tall height adjusters made a convenient, albeit imperfect, means of tailoring wall heights. And when also else failed, regular Logix  blocks could also be cut in the field if needed.

But these methods, while achieving the desired wall height, lacked some efficiency and sturdiness.

The 4-inch height adjusters, with no cross-ties or furring strips, could represent a weaker point in an otherwise sturdy Logix wall. This called for extra taping and additional form supports when height adjusters were used. The sturdier half-height blocks had 1 cross-tie but could still be prone to flexing when installed.

The V12 Series is Logix’s Answer to The Issues.

These 12″ tall, 48-inch long blocks let you build walls to any 4-inch increment when you combine them with courses of the regular 16″ tall blocks. With V12, you don’t need to rely on the weaker half-height blocks or height adjusters.

When it comes to interlocking and rebar placement, Logix V12 blocks smoothly integrate with regular, full-height (16″ tall) Logix Pro and Logix KD products. These shorter blocks still offer full corner support, which they get from the corners’ wide fastening surface area. The V12 standard and V12 90° corner blocks are available in core widths of 6.25 and 8 inches.

With no compromises to strength, the Logix V12 blocks make a much more practical alternative to Logix height adjusters and half-height blocks.

Here’s what you get by integrating this new series into your wall:

  • reduced installation times
  • fewer blocks to work with
  • less taping and additional form support
  • more surface to fasten finishes at corners and in walls
Logix V12 Standard Placement
Logix V12 Standard Placement

10-foot Wall Case Study

Now, we’ll use a real-world, 10-foot Logix wall to see how Logix V12 blocks stock up against their half-height predecessors. The section detail below shows both approaches:

Logix V12 Wall Options

As you can see, the old way of building with Logix meant squeezing in a course of half-height blocks between 2 rows of standard blocks.

With the new way, you get rid of the half-heights, and the regular blocks above and replace them with 2 courses of Logix V12.

The V12 blocks have 2 cross-ties and stack without flexing, so this simple switch gives you a stronger wall.

And that’s not all. Here are a few other, less obvious benefits of incorporating V12 blocks into your Logix wall:

  • You get greater flexibility. Where the height-adjusters and half-height blocks had to be placed closer to the top of a wall, the V12 courses can be located anywhere. You can start with a course of V12 if the design requires rebar within the tension zone above the footing. Conversely, if you’re using a taper-top course, place the 2 rows of V12 directly under it.
  • Window bucks are easier to install. Basement windows are often 24 inches tall, and 2 courses of V12 match this height to simplify window bucks’ placement.
  • You can accommodate 12-inch rebar spacing. If your structure is designed for blast or impact resistance or has long wall sections without lateral reinforcement, the rebar specs may be quite onerous. Chances are, you’ll have to space the bars 12 inches apart. By using V12 blocks for the entire wall, you can easily meet this design requirement.

Our local technical experts are always on hand to help you see how using Logix V12 can help improve the efficiency of your project. Submit your plans here.


Wrapping It Up

We’re committed to always improving our products. The Logix V12 series aims to simplify wall height adjustment without compromising the wall’s strength. What’s more, these blocks add design flexibility to your structure and help you slash install times. So instead of using the tried-and-true, but suboptimal, height adjusters, or half-height blocks, opt for Logix V12 on your next project.

Logix V12 Also Available in Platinum
Logix V12 Also Available in Platinum
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