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Insulated Concrete Forms Installers Save Time & Money By Using Logix Pro Buck™

Building with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) is fast. And using Logix Pro Buck™ for your window and door openings makes it even FASTER!

Back in the day, installers of insulated concrete forms typically framed and bucked out their window and door openings by using dimensional lumber. And because all contractors know that time is money, they went to great lengths to rip, plane and assemble the various dimensional lumber components in the most efficient manner possible.

Today, Logix Pro Buck™ is the window and door opening solution of choice for ICF installers everywhere because it saves time and money for the contractor AND provides enhanced performance and energy savings for the homeowner or building owner.

This blog post will show you how Logix Pro Buck™ can shave hours off of window and door framing installation as well as what other installers have to say about this great product.

How Logix Pro Buck™ Saves Time and Money

Logix Pro Buck™ provides secure and reliable fastening. And just like all Logix products, Pro Buck™ is a highly insulated and rot-resistant EPS bucking system that offers many benefits when compared to conventional framing. Pro Buck is currently available for 4″, 6.25″ and 8″ core thicknesses.

Watch this introductory video clip.

Here are some of the advantages of Logix Pro Buck™:

  • High Performance. With thermal break around the openings, Logix Pro Buck™ is a high performance product.
  • Time Savings. As with all Logix products, Logix Pro Buck™ installs quickly and efficiently. And this holds true even when picture framing is required. With Pro Buck™, flanges are conveniently located every 8 inches on center, and picture framing doesn’t need to be removed for finishing after the pour, saving builders more time as well.
  • Eliminates Energy Loss and Thermal Bridging. Logix Pro Buck™ is made of 2 lb high density foam that provides a strong, dependable form that stays in place. The result? A highly insulated, rot-resistant EPS bucking system that provides a continuous insulation barrier and eliminates thermal bridging. And there’s no cupping either!
  • Minimizes Waste. Logix Pro Buck™ clips securely end-to-end, thereby minimizing waste.

The high performing nature of Pro Buck™ stays true in cold weather as well, which is not the case for other products. Many competing products break when subjected to cold weather — just see for yourself in this experiment.

Logix Pro Buck™ is also airtight, which minimizes long-term air leakage and energy loss.

Read more about the superior thermal stability of Pro Buck™ here. 

What Installers In The Field Are Saying About Logix Pro Buck™?

1.   Andy Ellis of Halfmoon Construction

Andy Ellis of Halfmoon Construction (which Andy founded in 1999) has quite a bit of Pro Buck™ experience behind him. In fact, the home below (which used Logix Pro Buck™) won Best Large Residential Project of the Year at both the 2017 ICF Builder Awards and the 2017 Logix Awards!

Interviewer: What do you use Logix Pro Buck™ for? 

Andy Ellis: “Every job.”

Interviewer: Does Pro Buck™ save you time and money on the install?

“For me, it’s about neutral on cost after considering ripping wood to size and planning for warping. [There’s] maybe a 25% higher material cost straight up that’s offset by the savings on labor and material waste. But it’s a far superior  buck system overall.”

Interviewer: Why do you use Pro Buck™?

Andy Ellis:

  • Thermal break and enhanced thermal stability of the overall wall system.
  • Stable in all climates versus PT lumber, which warps
  • I don’t like wet concrete against wood — wood wicks in the moisture and then expands and contracts, which creates gaps

Interviewer: What are your favorite Pro Buck™ features?

Andy Ellis: “It clips together and there’s no waste.” Andy also likes the fact that there’s an exact fit to 6” and 8” as well as nailing flange.

Interviewer: Is there anything that could be improved?

Andy Ellis: 10” core would be nice.

2. John Palecek

John Palecek of Smart Solutions Inc., a company that specializes in high performance building products, had this to say about Logix Pro Buck™:

Interviewer: Does Pro Buck™ save you time and money on the install?

“Yes: speed of installation, [the] ability to incorporate install in the stacking process and the quality of opening is better than alternatives.”

Interviewer: What are your favorite Pro Buck™ features?

John Palecek: “8” o/c fastening in the field allows for a solid buck opening in which a door frame can be fastened into.”

Interviewer: Is there anything that could be improved?

John Palecek: “Pro Buck™ offers better solutions over bucks from competing ICF brands.” John also likes its versatility to be used for windows and doors but also end caps is key.

3. Jim Casto of Sundance Builders

Jim Casto, owner of Sundance Builders Inc. in Montana since 1995, is a national award-winning installer of insulated concrete forms with over 20 years of experience. Here’s what he had to say about Logix Pro Buck™:

Interviewer: What do you use Logix Pro Buck™ for?

Jim: “An end cap as well as buck.”

Interviewer: What are your thoughts about Logix Pro Buck™?

Jim: “Logix Pro Buck™ is well designed, strong and versatile.”

Jim uses it for interlock protection and says it “stays put overnight.” He has many clients who swear by wood bucks, but he talks them into having the Pro Buck™ as an insulated base for a wood buck overlay.

According to Jim, the sub-trades love it because its user-friendly to stucco and masonry installers. He also finds that kerf cutting the buck allows him to easily do arched openings of any radius.

Wrapping It Up

Logix Pro Buck™ is a strong, secure and versatile product. Not only is it highly insulated and rot-resistant, it also eliminates thermal bridging. Plus, it generates very little waste. And its ease of use makes window and door framing much more efficient, saving builders time and money in the process.

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