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Discover Logix Pro Buck™: The Complete Solution for ICF Wall Openings

Strong, secure and easy to use!

pro buck picsHave you heard about Logix’s new Pro Buck™ System yet?

Logix Pro Buck™ is a strong, secure and easy to use option for bucking around ICF wall openings. The Pro Buck™ provides a continuous insulation barrier—with no cupping, rotting, mould growth or thermal bridging.

Added to these already great benefits is that installers will also save serious time and money with these unique Pro Buck™ features:

  • High strength exposed furring strips that provide strong, secure, reliable fastening with no possibility of sagging;
  • No waste — leftover pieces securely clip together end-to-end, generating zero waste;
  • Internal tie-backs every 8″ o/c anchor to the concrete, support horizontal rebar placement and can be used to provide back-up bracing support; and
  • When required, the internal flange system enables fast and easy picture framing that stays in place for finishes.

Note: Currently, the Logix Pro Buck is only available for the Logix 6.25″ and 8″ wall thicknesses.

Logix Pro Buck™ – the complete solution for ICF wall openings. Try it today!

pro buck illustration

To learn more about why using Logix Pro Buck™ is a smart choice, click here.

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