Build Better ICF Schools

Build Better ICF Schools

Over the last decade ICFs have become the design standard for new school construction in the USA.  "It's hard to see a better alternative for school construction" states an architect who has recently designed many ICF-built schools.

Forward thinking school boards all across the USA  are realizing the benefits of building better schools with Logix ICFs. Schools built with ICFs have reduced their monthy utility bills by up to 75% or more, creating up to a per-school savings in the range of $60,000 to $70,000 per year that can be allocated elsewhere to fund needed educational resources and teacher salaries.

And meanwhile the students enjoy a comfortable and quiet learning environment within a safe steel-reinforced concrete envelope that offers priceless protection from potential threats such as tornadoes, hurricanes and wild fires. It's a win/win all around.

ICF Schools - Simply Faster & Less Expensive

ICF Schools - Simply Faster & Less Expensive


And best of all, these high performance ICF schools have often been built within the budgets normally approved for regular conventionally-built schools. That's because Logix ICF is simply faster and less expensive than you expect high quality school construction to be. And simpler too - with Logix, a single crew of only eight people have built an entire school's superstructure, largely unimpeded by cold winter conditions.

 Logix is the perfect wall for the following elements in new school construction:

* Exterior walls
* Interior load bearing walls (often corridor walls)
* Fire & sound rated demising walls
* Tall Walls (auditoriums and gymnasiums)
* Safe Rooms and Areas
* Shear Walls

Logix is the perfect wall for the following elements of a school:

Stem Walls

Interior Load Bearing Walls

Exterior Walls

Featured Projects:

This 287,000 sq ft school was designed to Net-Zero standards and won "Best School Project" in the 2018 ICF Builder Awards.

Lumberport, WV

This 63,000 sq ft school featured 28' tall walls and a 75' gable end.

What people say about building with Logix.

For more detailed information, download:

Build Better Schools With Logix


Infographic - The Incredible Energy Efficiency


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