Build Better Net-Zero Ready Homes

The US Department Of Energy defines a "Zero Energy Ready Home" as a high performance home which is so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption

With a superior R-value of R-25 (or higher) built into its DNA, the Logix airtight building envelope will, in itself, efficiently provide your new home's biggest single performance gain in your quest to attain "Zero Energy Readiness".  

 Logix ICF is the perfect start towards building a Zero Energy Ready Home. Here are some suggestions for  "pushing the ultra-efficient Logix building envelope" and optimizing  your new XtraComfort Home. 


Cut Your Energy Consumption In Half

Properly designed, optimized Logix XtraComfort Homes can routinely cut energy consumption in half and can achieve HERS Scores of less than 40, which means they are outperforming the existing building code by 60%.

Further, when combined with cost-effective renewable energy generation, Logix is the perfect solution to building commercially viable "net-zero" homes and buildings.

Featured Projects:

Super-efficient countryside net-zero family home featuring R36 Logix walls and Logix Pro Buck.

This unique Net-Zero home does not require complex systems and exotic technology to achieve Net-Zero. The main technologies employed are markedly simple and time-tested.

2019 Logix ICF Award 1st Runner Up - Large Residential | This home achieved a blower door test rating of .39 ACH/HR (12x better that prevailing local codes) and was awarded an incredible HERS Rating of 9. This home was sized for a 30,000 BTU system which is 1/5 of the typical requirement for a home of this size.

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