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The mid-rise buildings constructed with Logix have been affectionately called "long-term money-makers" - and for good reason.

The superior performance fundamentals built into Logix ("6 Construction Steps In 1") ICFs puts you on the fast-track for High-Performance Mid-Rise Buildings. Our track record across North America speaks for itself - you get fast, cost-effective builds, efficient cost-effective buildings and the sharply lower utility bills and operating costs drop directly to your bottom line for the very long lifetime of the building.

Completed Logix ICF Mid-Rise Building (6-Storey)

Completed Logix ICF Mid-Rise Building (14-Story)

In-progress Logix ICF Mid-Rise Building (14-Story)

Success Breeds Success - over 40 ICF mid-rise buildings constructed within a single square mile in the city of Waterloo, Canada.

Faster & Less Expensive

Quite simply, in the mid-rise arena, Logix ICF is faster and less expensive than you expect high quality concrete construction to be. And simpler too - a single crew can build the entire mid-rise superstructure.

Design assistance packages are currently available to developers interested in designing their next mid-rise multi-family project with Logix ICF. These comprehensive assistance packages provide developers and designers with assistance for structural and architectural design, cost estimating and compliance verification with local codes and green building standards. To learn more, contact us at Logix ICF and we'll provide you with more information on this fantastic support program.  

Logix is the perfect wall for the following elements of a mid-rise multi-family building:

Above-grade exterior walls

Demising walls

Below-grade walls

Featured Projects:

Sound-tight 71,000 sq ft condominium development built adjacent to rear railway tracks.

This purpose-built apartment building is designed with 100,000 square feet of apartment living space over 16 floors. The concrete floors carry through to the concrete cores of the walls and the balcony slabs are fully embedded into the concrete cores as well. The Owner/GC used their proprietary high-slump self-consolidating concrete mix for ICFs throughout this project. This was a winter build and the concrete was placed by concrete pump for the lower 8 floors and with crane and bucket for the higher 8 floors. This building is aiming for gold Built Green status and energy sensors are being used to monitor it’s energy efficiency. Exterior noise reduction is also critical given the downtown location of this building.

This ICF building houses 10 rental units within its three floors, each floor 10’ high, built upon a 14’ high parkade, all constructed with Logix ICF. 8” concrete core Logix ICF was designed into the lower parkade level, transitioning to 6.25” cores for the floors above. The Owner/GC used this project to test their propriety high-slump self-consolidating concrete mix for ICFs which they will use to build taller buildings with higher levels of reinforcing steel content. Logix ICF successfully withstood the form pressures of this severely high-slump mix. This was a winter build, and the concrete was placed with crane and bucket. This is a purpose-built rental building that includes utilities in the monthly rent. The lower energy and operating costs realized due to the Logix ICF construction allows the owner to profitably offer monthly rents that are about 10% under the market.

What people say about building with Logix.

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The Business Case For High-Performance Mid-Rise Buildings


Typical Logix Design Construction Details For Mid-Rise


Infographic - The Incredible Energy Efficiency


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