Build Better Commercial Buildings

Commercial building owners need their buildings to add value to their businesses and Logix ICF is usually the ideal solution. Logix offers a fast build that is less expensive than you would expect high quality concrete construction to be, and the result is a tough and durable building that can add significant value to a wide range of businesses in a variety of different ways.


Agricultural Storage Warehouses

With precise temperature and climate control

Entertainment Venues

Theaters that are sound-proof, space-efficient and energy-efficient.

Retail Projects

Retail facilities that are comfortable, durable and present beautifully.

Offices & Warehouse Projects

Offices and warehouses that are fully functional and low-cost to operate.

Featured Projects:

This 18,000 sq ft plaza features residential, office and retail space.

This award-winning project offers a combination of medical, retail and commercial space.

Wichita , KS

What people say about building with Logix.

For more detailed information, download:

Build Better Root Vegetable Warehouses With Logix


Build Better Entertainment Complexes With Logix


Infographic - The Incredible Energy Efficiency


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