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Our versatile insulate concrete forms support a wide variety of applications, helping you Build Anything Better. From comfortable basements and foundations to disaster-resilient commercial buildings, Logix ICF has the technology and resources to help your build be successful and profitable.

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Build Better ICF Basements & ICF Foundations

Build Better ICF Basements & ICF Foundations

There is a reason that Logix Insulated Concrete Forms are preferred by builders across North America. Our products are designed to create a better insulated and more comfortable basement for you to enjoy.

Most regular basements are used just for storage. Your home deserves more than wasted space and a drag on your finances. By building a Logix XtraComfort basement, your basement will feel just as comfortable as any main floor and will be built for LIVING! Choosing Logix will also help to significantly lower your energy bills. In fact, a Logix XtraComfort Basement is the smartest home upgrade you can choose!

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Need To Know Facts

When you build with Logix Pro, your drywall-finished XtraComfort Logix ICF basement will have an effective thermal performance of R24. Higher levels of thermal performance can be achieved by upgrading to Logix Platinum Series (R27) or using the Logix D-Rv Panel (up to R36).

Most XtraComfort Logix ICF basements & foundations are built to your desired ceiling height (9' ceilings are very popular) with our 6.25" or 8" concrete core thickness. Larger basements, taller walls or more extreme site conditions may require wider concrete cores.

Logix offers engineering tables and the online One Minute Engineer. Both resources comply with prevailing and accepted concrete design standards and conventions. Logix perscriptive engineering covers a wide range of typical residential applications and thus for many XtraComfort Logix ICF basements site specific engineering is not required to obtain a building permit.

As well, many municipalities will allow a Logix ICF basement to be built from conventional plans, though a simple addendum on the existing building plans may be required.

The Economics of XtraComfort Logix ICF Basements

A typical XtraComfort Logix ICF basement will generally cost about the same or possibly somewhat less than  a comparable conventionally poured basement finished with 2x6 framing and full R-20 batt insulation.

To receive your occupancy permit you will have to finish your Logix ICF basement basement with drywall (which means you will also have had to install your electrical as well). These finishing steps are needed to finish a conventional basement as well, but are not required to obtain an occupancy permit.

For this comparable cost, unlike regular basements, an XtraComfort Logix ICF basement will feel as comfortable as another main level of the home. Plus, a Logix steel reinforced 6.25" concrete wall is stronger and more crack-resistant than a typical 8" concrete wall built without steel reinforcement.

  Logix XtraComfort Basement Conventional Basement
Effective R-Value R-24 R-17
Continuous Insulation YES NO
Exterior Insulation YES NO
Concrete Core Thickness 6.25" 8"
Steel Reinforced (1) YES NO
9' Ceiling Heights Easily Achieved Requires Special Forms

Featured Projects:

Logix was used to build this XtraComfort Basement for this beautiful lakeside home in Haliburton, Ontario.

Logix was used to built the basement of this home which was one of the first log homes to be certified LEED Platinum in the USA.

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