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Whether you’re building a home that’s large or small, or living in the cooler North or warmer South, when you choose to build with Logix ICFs, you’ll get a stronger, more resilient and more energy-efficient home that will significantly reduce your consumption of natural resources as well as your personal contribution to climate change, while still surrounding your family with unsurpassed comfort and safety.  

We call our basements "XtraComfort Logix ICF Basements".

Homeowners will typically use their XtraComfort Logix ICF Basement as a natural extension of their living space and often find their new basement to be "the most comfortable part of their home". (Unlike many other homeowners who often just tolerate their damper, cooler and less comfortable "traditional" basement spaces.) 

* Thick foam panels provide continuous insulation on the inside and outside of the basement walls.

* The concrete core is typically steel-reinforced for added strength and long term crack control and prevention. (Plus, the outer foam layer acts as a cushion, protecting the concrete core from the pressures of  cyclical frost heaving.)

* Waterproofing membranes keep moisture out, leaving the basement dry and comfortable


And naturally we call our complete homes "XtraComfort Logix ICF Homes".

Quite simply, living in a home built full-height with Logix ICFs is "a completely different living experience". For cold-climate homeowners, here's why :

And for warm climate homeowners, here's why:

HGTV personality Bryan Baeumler on Logix ICF

On location at "House Of Bryan 3 - In The Sticks", the highest rated TV series on HGTV Canada EVER!

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