Why Choose Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) | Architect/Designer

Annually, the total value of North American ICF-built buildings exceeds $20 Billion. Typically, these are  high performance, upper end residences and buildings that are commissioned by forward-thinking owners and developers who appreciate quality and value and think long-term.

Logix - The ICF Solutions Company provides designers with the products, solutions and expertise to access this attractive and fast-growing ICF market with ease and confidence.

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Architects & Designers

Architects soon discover that Logix ICF is a simple and elegant way to meet new and increasing insulation requirements without adding labor and materials costs. They also find Logix ICFs a simple solution to achieve desired STC and fire ratings for exterior and interior walls.

Almost any building design can be built with Logix, but the most cost-efficient and quickest builds are achieved when a building design is "optimized" for Logix construction. Optimized design involves the precise sizing and placement of openings, optimized wall section lengths and many other subtle factors. Often the difference of an inch or a even a quarter inch here or there can create efficiencies and savings during the build. Optimized design is an important solution Logix offers architects and designers.


Engineers are pleased to discover than the structural design of Logix ICFs is based on the same design principles and design codes (ACI 318 and CASA A23.3) as conventional reinforced concrete structures. They also find that Logix buildings are easier to engineer than masonry buildings as there is simply much more strength capacity in the steel reinforced ICF walls. And additionally, engineers do not have to be concerned with aesthetic cracking as they would be with a cast-in-place building with painted exterior walls. 

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