Why Choose Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) | Builder/Developer

Developers across North America consistently switch to insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for their durability, and long-term energy efficiency, thus cutting operating costs and providing more comfortable units for tenants.

The Build Phase

Our "6 steps in 1" technology provides excellent labor savings, resulting in generally lower overall construction costs than CMU, concrete, and steel-framed buildings.

Building with Logix is also faster than a typical build. Because our insulated forms are mostly unaffected by wet or cold site conditions, winter builds can flow just as seamlessly as a warm-weather build (with a few added precautions).

Seismic designs are easily accomplished, and, unlike wood-frame construction, ICF construction involves lower construction insurance premiums.

If desired, the Logix ICF installer can essentially act as "the GC of the Shell" for the developer, allowing the developer to enjoy a smaller number of trades on site. Strategically, this offers the developer the opportunity to act as the GC, if desired, and by extension, presents the long-term opportunity to self-perform.

The Operating Phase

Logix High-Performance Buildings, built with high-quality concrete construction, show well, keep tenants comfortable and happy, and command a rent premium. Landlords who include utilities in the monthly rent will benefit from the much lower heating and cooling costs.

Logix party walls are air-tight and thus minimize sound and odor transfer, and their performance is unaffected by the placement of electrical outlets. Damage due to water leakage is the #1 consequence of construction defects, but foam-and-concrete Logix walls do not rot! This offers developers reduced repair costs and ongoing lower utility bills that increase annual operating profits.

 The Re-Sale Phase

The superior performance fundamentals built into Logix High-Performance Buildings resonate strongly with long-term institutional investors and command attractive prices.

Why I Build With Logix ICF

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