Insulating Concrete and Greener Buildings

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Concrete Wall Forms

Virtually any home design can be built with Logix concrete wall forms rather than conventional methods. The ICF system handles six construction steps in one package: the concrete, steel reinforcement, insulation, air barrier, vapor barrier and furring strips. This means you'll build faster, and lighter. In addition, the walls in your Logix XtraComfort Home will be have an effective R-value of R25. Higher R-value levels an be achieved by upgrading to Logix Platinum Series (R28) or using the Logix D-Rv Panell (up to R37). Your new home built with Logix concrete forms will deliver monthly savings in heating, cooling, maintenance and even insurance costs.

ICF Forms

For cost information on construction using ICF forms, we invite you to contact a LOGIX distributor, who can assist you with pricing information for our complete range of LOGIX products, with budgeting for a specific construction project, or with preparing quantity take-off's from your working drawings. Alternatively, check out our One Minute Estimator, which is available online or as an app for your mobile device. You can find your local distributor from the menu above, or by contacting us at 888-415-6449.

ICF Blocks

ICF, or insulated concrete forms, are modular blocks that are used to create walls - solid, reinforced, pre-insulated, concrete walls that provide not only structural strength but also thermal mass. Their modular design makes them easy to install, while the interior cavity allows for the insertion of reinforcing steel during construction prior to being filled with concrete. Available accessory products such as panel systems, knockdown forms, corners, transitions and ledges make for a very adaptable design product.

Concrete Forms

Clearly insulation is a major factor in creating an energy efficient home. It is important to realize, though, that the complete wall assembly is more critical than the insulation alone. Consider that a wall built with insulated concrete forms is more energy efficient than an insulated wood frame wall with an equivalent R-value (requiring 44% less energy to heat). The reason? Well, there are three: air tightness, thermal mass and continuous insulation. Learn more.

Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF stands for "insulated concrete form", but an essential part of the construction is missing from this name. LOGIX XtraComfort Homes and High Performance Buildings, which incorporate ICF, are not only energy efficient, but also built to last by virtue of their steel-reinforced concrete core. The unique combination of steel rebar and concrete means that LOGIX walls are exceptionally strong yet pliant, dampening the damaging impact of hurricanes and earthquakes.

ICF Construction

LOGIX ICFs offer flexibility in design combined with straightforward assembly. Construction is intuitive and easy to learn: the hollow blocks simply stack together, just like "lego". The two types of forms - knockdown and solid - are completely compatible and interchangeable, creating the option for hybrid assemblies using knockdown block around heavy rebar and solid LOGIX blocks where there is less structural need for rebar. Being available with cavity widths from 4 inches to 12 inches means there is tremendous versatility from a design perspective. On the purely practical side, the panels are ready to accept electrical boxes, and our reinforced corners save time and make interior and exterior finishing easier.

Insulating Concrete Forms

Building a home with ICFs (insulating concrete forms) offers additional benefits beyond the expected energy savings. LOGIX XtraComfort homes and their insulating concrete forms also protect families from indoor air pollution, from intrusive outside noise, and from the damaging effects of dangerous severe weather. And while all of this extra protection may cost a little more at the outset, an ICF home costs much less to heat and cool than a traditional wood frame home.

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