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Logix makes it easy for you to build green while giving you the full spectrum of architectural design options. From European to Colonial, traditional to modern, almost any house plan can be configured for ICFs. Whether you're planning from the start or you need help in modifying existing plans, we'll help make sure new home purchasers can dream big and think green by building with Logix.

Learn about the Switch to Logix Rebate Program and view thousands of house plans that can be easily modified to incorporate Logix ICFs.

Get started with eplans

Logix has partnered with eplans, a leading home plan website, to make purchasing a home plan as simple as possible. At eplans, home purchasers can view thousands of plans that can be quickly and easily modified to work with Logix ICFs (providing you maintain the existing exterior dimensions of the home). Logix will even rebate 50% of the modification costs (up to a maximum of $500).

Modify existing plans

Do you already have plans to work with and now your new home purchaser wants to switch to Logix? No problem. All we need to do is Logix-modify the existing plans. If you have a complete set of conventional plans in modifiable, electronic format and are willing to maintain the existing exterior dimensions of the home, simply email your plans or call 1-866-465-5868 to have them Logix-modified. As an added bonus, by using this service Logix will rebate you up to 50% of the modification costs (up to a maximum of $500).