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Natural disasters are on the rise, both in frequency and intensity. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires threaten our comfort and our security – two of the greatest human values. Ironically, people continue to move to high-risk coastal areas and other locations prone to these natural disasters in ever-increasing numbers. 

Homes and buildings constructed with Logix Insulated Concrete Forms don’t just save energy – they’re also built to last under even extreme weather conditions. That’s the genius of the Logix steel-reinforced concrete core. The combination of poured concrete and steel rebar means that Logix ICF walls are exceptionally strong, while still offering a pliancy that effectively dampens the power of hurricanes and earthquakes.

Logix ICF is the perfect start toward building a disaster-resilient home or building. Here are some suggestions for "pushing the ultra-resilient Logix building envelope" and further enhancing the disaster resilience of your new Logix XtraComfort™ Home or High-Performance Building.  

Featured Projects:

This Logix constructed home has many additional high wind-resistant features built in, to minimize loss or damage due to hurricanes.

This is the premier ICF project in the reconstruction of Greensburg KS. This community center contains a library, media centers, office areas, museum and even a restored soda fountain. This is a LEED Platinum certified project.

This home was designed to be the ultimate convergence of sustainability and resilience. In fact, this home was designed to be able to withstand a nuclear event.

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