Build Better Assisted Living Facilities

Build Better Assisted Living Facilities

 Your designers can adapt Logix ICF to any existing plans, and we can also assist them in easily optimizing your existing designs for Logix ICF construction.


A Smart Build

A Smart Build
  •  Logix "6 Steps in 1" construction saves time and money. Plus, a faster build means earlier occupancy and a quicker positive cash flow.
  •  Logix accommodates a wide variety of facades and allows you to design the appearance of your building in alignment with your brand and image.

A Smart Business Strategy

A Smart Business Strategy
  • The life cycle of your building structure is maximized with Logix ICF. Logix walls present a mold and mildew-free structure and experience little to no expansion, which in turn reduces the wear and tear that can often be common with other construction methods.
  • The ongoing savings in energy and maintenance expenses you’ll experience with a Logix ICF-built structure will perpetually drop to your bottom line. 
  • Your occupants will notice and appreciate the additional sound control and privacy that a Logix ICF-built structure provides. 
  • Your Logix high performance assisted living facility will act like a concrete bunker when needed. Logix ICF walls are bullet-proof, and, when hurricane glass is installed, during most storms your occupants can safely remain in the building without having to be moved. That means family members will enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in a safe and comfortable environment. 
  • On the revenue side, you may also find that the enhanced living experience of a Logix ICF-built structure provides you a strategic opportunity to charge a bit more money in return for the added value provided. 

Logix is the perfect wall for the following elements of a assisted living building:

Above-grade exterior walls

Demising walls

Below-grade walls

Featured Projects:

This slab-on-grade assisted living facility in Florida provides a cool, comfortable and secure living environment for it's residents.

This 4 storey seniors residence was constructed with Logix as part of a strategy by the provincial government to reduce the costs of senior housing by reducing their monthly utility expenses.

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