Installer Advantages

With Logix ICF, you can grow your business, increase profits and set yourself apart from your competition.
We're growing very quickly in the custom residential market and wide range of commercial markets such as mid-rise residential, schools, assisted living, military and agricultural. Quite simply,  at Logix we can have more leads on hand at times than experienced builders to refer the work to.
If you register with Logix ICF, you'll definitely be exposed to new business opportunities.

Are you an ICF-experienced installer?
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Generate Additional Revenues & Increase Profits

Set Yourself Apart

When you build with Logix ICF, you'll be known as an innovative, high quality, high value builder who has very few callbacks.

Logix ICF is Easy to Get Into

The upfront investment required to begin working with Logix ICF is surprisingly low. In fact, only basic handset tools are needed. The most significant investment to consider is ICF bracing. This is a must-have on a jobsite, but even then, most installers initially rent ICF bracing from their local Logix ICF dealer.

Once you begin to build consistently with Logix ICF, you’ll likely decide to buy your own bracing. A set of 48 braces will likely cost about $10,000 to $12,000 depending on the brand.

...and the Learning Curve is Short

You can minimize your Logix ICF learning curve by following these three simple steps:

1) Attend a local Logix Installer Training Course

2) Use our many Logix solutions and aids to help you estimate and engineer your Logix ICF projects and

3) For your first Logix project, arrange for some on-site technical support from your local Logix ICF dealer or Territory Manager. Ongoing support is also available for subsequent projects.

What Our Installers Say...